Bicycle Transportation Plan

In 2007, Carrboro was awarded a bicycle transportation planning grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. In January 2008, the Town hired Greenways, Inc., to develop the plan, guided by the staff and a steering committee.

The Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan (2009)

Executive Summary
Chapter 1--Introduction
Chapter 2--Existing Conditions
Chapter 3--Bicycle Network Plan
Chapter 4--Program Recommendations
Chapter 5--Bicycle Policies
Chapter 6--Implementation
Chapter 7--Design Guidelines
Appendix A--Prioritization and Cost Estimates
Appendix B--Public Input
Appendix C--Funding
Appendix D--Relevant Federal and State Policies
Appendix E--Values of Bicycling Transportation
Appendix F--Existing Planning Efforts
Appendix G--Glossary