Carrboro Townwide News

Posted on: February 15, 2017

Thursday, February 16th is A Day Without Latinos

This Thursday is a planned Day Without Latinos strike, and Hispanics will not go to work or send their children to school, and will not to eat out in restaurants or buy items in stores. Supporters hope Hispanics will stay home and just be invisible, so the nation can see what Hispanics do for this country,  WECT in Wilmington explains

The Carrboro Police Department is supportive to all members of our community including those who are undocumented. The police department has participated in several forums and meetings concerning law enforcement and recent executive orders on immigration status. 

"We would like to assure everyone that one’s immigration status has never been a concern or priority to the Carrboro Police. We are here to serve all members of our community," say Police Chief Walter Horton.  Additionally, the police department continues to partner with El Centro Hispano with outreach in the Latino community with efforts such as the Faith ID program.

El Centro Hispano, located in Carrboro, works to strengthen the community, build bridges and advocate for equity and inclusion for Hispanics/Latinos in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.  The Town of Carrboro maintains a strong relationship with El Centro including the help in creation and support of the Center for Employment and Leadership (CEL). CEL is a worker’s center, improving the relationship of the workers, employers, and the community in general.   Workers can advance their formal and technical education as a participant at CEL. If you or someone you know is looking for part-time or contract workers, give the center a call today at 919-945-0136.

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