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2023 Music Festival Performer Application

  1. Welcome

    Welcome to the 26th annual Carrboro Music Festival!  Please complete the form below to enter your act's name for consideration for inclusion in this year's festival.  All acts accepted to perform will receive a $250 honorarium for participating.

  2. Festival Dates

    The primary date for the 2023 Carrboro Music Festival is Sunday, October1st.  Some kickoff events may occur on Saturday, September 30th.


    The deadline for submissions for the 2023 event is Thursday, June 1st.

  4. Have you participated in the Carrboro Music Festival in previous years?*
  5. Were you accepted into the 2022 Carrboro Music Festival?*
  6. Contact Person

    All acts must designate a point of contact for communication with festival organizers. Please complete all contact fields below.

  7. To avoid scheduling conflicts with band members that may be playing in the festival with other bands, please complete the following questions.
  8. Please list the names of all group members in the fields below.

    Please list the name of each band member, along with their instrument(s) and any associated acts that they may be performing with during this year's event (if applicable). This will help with determining venues, time needed to transport equipment, load in/out, etc.

    Please note: Failure to fully complete this section may render this application null and void.

  9. Music Samples/Social Media and Marketing

    To allow festival organizers to hear samples of your music, please share links/handles for any of the following sites that you currently use.  Social media handles may also be used for marketing purposes for acts selected to perform in the event.

    Please only list active accounts.

  10. (Please list)
  11. No Online Content?

    If you do not currently have any online content and wish to share music with festival organizers, please contact and a representative of the festival will connect with you.

  12. In an effort to help promote tips for groups, please share your group's mobile payment app information (username/handle) below:
  13. (Please list any other mobile payment service you may use that is not listed above.)
  14. Thank you for your interest in applying to be a part of this celebration of music in our community!
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