Bike and Ped Comment Map

Welcome to Carrboro's Bike and Ped Comment Map!

We encourage people to walk, bike, and use transit in Carrboro.  Are there areas where your would like to see improvements?  Are there locations where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe?  Is more bike parking needed?  

Please share your thoughts and ideas on bicycle and pedestrian safety issues on our new comment map.   You can add comments, but not edit or delete them.  You can add pictures or other attachments to your comment. When you have finished your comment, just close the map.

Comments are reviewed on a regular basis and will be displayed for 90 days. After 90 days the comments will remain in our database but will not be displayed on the map. This map is for bicycle and pedestrian issues within Carrboro' s Town limits and planning area (displayed on the map). If you have a comment for locations in Chapel Hill, you can provide it on the Town of Chapel Hill WikiMap.

Please note: this map is for non-urgent comments only. If you would like to report a more urgent concern, please use the Town's Request Tracker program.

To learn more about this project you can email Bergen Watterson, Transportation Planner.

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