Commercial Businesses

Public Works offers waste collection for commercial businesses for a fee.  

Quarterly Cost

Dumpster Size1 Time per Week2 Times per Week3 Times per Week4 Times per Week5 Times per WeekCost for Extra Pickups (Each Time)
2 Cubic Yards$177.97$355.94$533.91$711.88$889.85$13.69
4 Cubic Yards$213.98$427.96$641.94$855.92$1,069.90$16.46
6 Cubic Yards$249.99$499.98$749.97$999.96$1,249.95$19.23
8 Cubic Yards$284.96$569.92$854.88$1,139.84$1,424.80$21.92

Explanatory Notes

  • Commercial Dumpster Service Agreement (PDF)
  • The fees listed in the "once per week" and "twice per week" columns are Quarterly rates based on 13 weeks of service
  • The fees listed in the "extra pickup" column are for each time the extra pickup occurs. For example, if a customer using an 8 cubic yard dumpster has a 3rd pick-up every week, the extra pickup fee for the quarter would be:
    • $21.95 per week multiplied by 13 weeks = $285

Reduce Your Waste

Orange County Solid Waste Management offers the following waste reduction programs for businesses:

For more information call Orange County Solid Waste Administration Office at 919-968-2885.