Annual Reports

Message from the Chief regarding Annual Reports

Dear Carrboro Citizens and Business Owners,

It is a pleasure to share with you our Annual Reports.  These reports are meant to give you information on how our department functions, an explanation as to how and why we function in the way that we do, and highlight department activities. 

These reports reflects our efforts to be transparent and build trust with our community, by providing an overview of crime statistics, incidents involving the use of force, and all complaints.  Through this annual report, we can self-analyze and address any issues, big or small, so that we may continue to serve our citizens with professionalism and integrity year after year. 

As the world around us is changing, so is the Carrboro Police Department.  We ensure our officers are adequately trained and up to date on the current policing techniques so that they may perform their job without bias and with respect for all people. Our community policing practices, partnerships, and crime reduction efforts continue to be a top priority. 

We are honored to serve all of those who visit and live in Carrboro.  We appreciate your support of the Carrboro Police Department and will strive to continuously serve our community with transparency, professionalism, and care.


Chief Chris Atack