Susan Romaine 

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Phone: 919-619-3408

Email: Susan Romaine

Term Elected / Appointed:
November 5, 2019 

Term Expires:
December 2023

Additional Contact Information:

412 E Winmore Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC  27516


"I am excited about the opportunity to build on 15 years of community service with four years of public service. My top priority is ensuring that Carrboro is a safe, welcoming, caring town for people of all ages, incomes, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds, and physical abilities. Working with Council, I also look forward to building an environment that is more compact, walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly; that is anchored by more small businesses with living wage jobs; and that offers more affordable housing options for community members."


"Carrboro is a hip, forward-thinking, and inclusive community. Our large student population adds to the town’s vibrancy. There are lots of locally-owned businesses including some terrific coffee shops and restaurants. We have a top-notch art and music scene. Bolin Forest serves as a quiet refuge. But most importantly, there is a strong sense of community in Carrboro, where neighbors take care of neighbors."

Susan Romaine is honored to serve as Council's Mayor Pro Tem. She also serves as Council's liaison to the Economic Sustainability Commission, Northern Transition Area Advisory Committee, Truth Plaque Task Force, Intergovernmental Parks Work Group, and Orange County Local Government Affordable Housing Coalition. In her professional life, she is founder and director of two local nonprofits: the local hunger relief initiative PORCH, and Orange County Living Wage. Susan and her husband, Craig, live in Winmore and their three grown kids - all graduates of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools - live in North Carolina.