I Need To...

Report a Non-Emergency situation:


Traffic Complaint (not in progress) 919-918-7397
Request for enforcement action 919-918-7397
Report an ongoing issue that may be criminal in nature  919-918-7397 

make an Anonymous Report of Criminal Activity


Vice or Narcotics Activity 911
Loitering, Vagrancy or Graffiti 911
Underage drinking or Party 911
Other Criminal Matter 911

I would like to...

Obtain a copy of my Incident / Traffic / Arrest Report:
You may obtain your reports by following instructions on THIS page.

File a Parking Appeal:

All persons receiving a parking citation have the right to appeal within fifteen (15) days of the date of the citation. To file an appeal, complete this FORM, and submit online.

(This form must be returned within fifteen days from date of citation.)

 File a Towing Complaint:

Please fill out the form HERE. 

Commend an Officer:

Did you receive professional service that you thought was above and beyond the call of duty?  Did you enjoy speaking with an officer while you were walking around town or eating a meal?  Please take a moment to fill out the form HERE.

Submit a General Comment:

If you have a comment, suggestion or concern about a non-criminal matter, feel free to fill out the form HERE and submit it.

File a Complaint:

If you wish to file a complaint on an officer, there are four options available to you:

      •     Request to speak to the officer's supervisor on scene.  If there is an active call of                    an emergency nature which requires the supervisor's attention, the officer will                      provide their supervisor's contact information and the supervisor will contact                        you as soon as is practicable.

      •     File a report online by clicking HERE to fill out the online form.  The form is then                     submitted electronically for review by the department's administration division.

      •     Fill out and print this PDF  and mail or hand deliver it to the Police Department.

      •     Come to the Police Department in person to fill out a complaint form.

Officers are required to give their name and their supervisor's name when a citizen requests that information.  The Carrboro Police Department DOES NOT assign badge numbers to officers, so you will not get a badge number from an officer.  If you wish to know more about the complaint procedure, please click HERE.

Ask an Officer a Question:

Ever wonder how the Carrboro Police Department responds to calls for service?  Do you want additional information on safety in Carrboro?  Or are you just curious about our K-9s favorite dog treats?  You may fill out the form HERE.

*Officers cannot give out legal advice and may not be able to answer your question if it violates public records law or pertains to a sensitive investigation that is in progress.

File an Animal Control complaint:

The Carrboro Police Department contracts our animal control services from Orange County Animal Services.  If you are unsatisfied with services provided by Orange County Animal Services within the Town of Carrboro, please fill out the form HERE.

Request to Review Mobile Vehicle Recording systems (MVR) or Body-Worn Camera (BWC) video:

NC G.S. 132-1.4A governs the "disclosure and release of digital media,"  For the purposes of the statute, a law enforcement agency may generally allow a person who appears in a MVR or BWC video to view the section(s) of the recording that they appear in.  This is known as disclosure.  The request to view the video must be in writing to the law enforcement agency that holds the video.  A law enforcement agency generally needs a court order to release, or provide a physical copy of the video, to anyone outside of the court system.  Click HERE to view our Quick Reference Guide

If you wish to review a video recorded by one or more of our MVR or BWC systems, you may come to the police department to fill out the request and schedule a time to do so or you may click HERE, fill out the form and email a copy to us.

If you wish to receive a copy of a video recorded by one or more of our MVR or BWC systems, you may come to the police department to fill out the request and schedule a time to receive the copy or you may click HERE, fill out the form and email a copy to us.  Keep in mine, in order to receive a copy (release) of digital media, you will need a court order in most cases.