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Evaluation Form - Youth and Adult Classes and Workshops

  1. Carrboro Recreation and Parks
  2. The registration process was organized and efficient.
  3. What method did you use to register?
  4. How did you know that the event was being held?
  5. Administrative Staff/Customer Service
  6. Facility that the class/workshop was located?
  7. Equipment used in the class/workshop
  8. Facility Supervisor (staff at the site of the class or workshop)
  9. The following questions pertain to the Instructor/Presenter
  10. The instructor(s) demonstrated sound knowledge of the activity.
  11. The instructor(s) was prepared and presented information in an organized manner.
  12. The instructor(s) was approachable to answer questions or concerns.
  13. How would you rate the instructor(s) overall?
  14. Would you sign up for additional classes with the instructor in the future?
  15. Please list some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program in your opinion.
  16. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the class/workshop.
  17. Would you consider participating in this class/workshop or a similar one again?
  18. Would you be interested in program information during the season by email?
  19. Contact Information
    Contact information is optional. However, if you wish to receive a response, we ask for this information to be provided.
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